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One of my all-time favorite activities to do with my students are Wordles. See the below example

Students type up a set of words pertaining to a specific topic and paste them into a box on the wordle website. The program generates a word cloud using the words and gives users the ability to edit the color schemes, fonts and layouts. More advanced users have the option of weighting words to give them more emphasis (like on the example above) or applying font colors to specific words.

I have successfully used this activity with grades 2-8 but many of my first graders had problems navigating and using the site efficiently due to literacy issues.

This website can be used in a variety of contexts ranging from a social studies assignment such as listing all the countries found in Europe…

…to making a math textbook cover

…or a religion project where students make a wordle out of a Hail Mary

Or perhaps even an ILA activity where students list the characters, themes, settings and vocabulary from a novel they read. There are truly an endless number of topics that could be used in conjunction with Wordle.

I have even on occasion caught  my students making Wordles in their free-time 😀