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For some time now I have been searching for a kid-friendly blogging website to use with my 4th-8th grade students.  In previous years I had students reply to writing prompts in a “computer journal” which was essentially a Microsoft Word document that the students edited weekly. The process of reading and responding in the computer journals was time consuming and the students were rather bored with the activity to begin with, therefore it was necessary to find an alternative journaling resource. After research and testing I decided to go with and I could not be happier with my selection.

Kidblog is created specifically for the purpose of student blogging and is structured in such a way that it allows teachers to have as little or as much control over the process as they desire. Students have the ability to read an d post comments to their classmates’ blogs and moderators have the option to require approval for all posts and  student comments. The feedback I have received from my students tells me that they greatly prefer using kidblog to writing in a computer journal because of the ability to read and comment on their classmates’ entries. They look forward to continuing to use kidblog over the summer in their free-time and also next year in computer class. Using this website has significantly reduced the amount of time I spend reading entries and has inspired me to extend its use to my lower grades next year.